Q & A

Hopefully our questions and answers can help you decide on cinema for your perfect wedding. 

“What is the difference between wedding video and wedding cinema?” 

– This is an interesting question that gets asked frequently. When we talk about wedding videography vs cinema there are a few main differences we like to point out so that the consumer is fully educated on the difference. Generally with wedding videography it has a style in which captures the event in its entirety with either very few or basic edit cuts on the back end. Ever watch a wedding video that was too much video? At TLC Film Productions we do not believe in having to fast forward through your wedding movie. Cinematography is a more artistic, with a blend of different camera angles and moving perspectives, we want you to feel like the star of your own movie. Generally it feels as if there is a bit more editing and cuts with the cinema style, allowing us to give a more impactful wedding movie.  The equipment is also another thing we feel brings an extra edge to the table. With cinematography we are shooting with digital file based DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses vs a tape based camcorder with a fixed lens.

“Is wedding cinema just as important as wedding photography?”
– Absolutely, if not, more important. Photography is an art, you always need those beautiful portraits to hang on the wall. Yes, those portraits are stunning and you have a breathtaking album to show, however unfortunately with portraits you can’t hear the emotions in your vows, the laughter in-between formal portraits or how funny the speeches were. The day of your wedding goes by so fast that in fact if you do not have wedding cinema to capture all those important moments you may not even remember your vows or the speeches. With photography you’re going through your photos and REMINISCING of how perfect everything was. With Cinema you’re watching your movie and RELIVING your wedding night every time you hit play!

“Why should I choose wedding cinema?”
-Imagine being able to sit down years from your wedding day and being able to relive every moment it had to offer. Cinema with TLC Film Productions takes you back and puts you into the moment so you can relive your wedding day all over again and even moments that you may have missed. Everything else lasts for just that one night… Wouldn’t you want an awesome cinematic movie for you to commemorate your wedding day over and over again?

“Does wedding cinema interfere with my wedding photography? How well do you work with photographers?”
– This is a very common question and an excellent question at that. Both wedding photography and wedding cinema is an art. It is very important that your photographer and cinematographers get along and understand that we are all there for one reason and thats to make the BEST final production for our bride and groom! Therefore working together rather than against each other is very important. We at TLC always make it a point to introduce ourselves to your photographer (if we have never worked with them in the past) and discuss were we will be and really try to be on the same page! Our personalities are very outgoing so there is rarely ever an issue.

“What if your price is outside of my budget?”
– We offer different payment structures.

“How do you know my style?”
– Every wedding is different and unique in it’s own way. When we initially meet with you, we will ask probing questions to be sure we will get your style perfect. After booking with TLC we will then provide you with a questionnaire that helps us better understand everything you wish to have captured.

“Will I regret wedding cinema?”
– Most people do not plan on having their wedding day captured on film, nor plan for it in their budget. However, the only time brides and grooms regret it, is when they do not get it. And by that time, it’s too late.

“Why should I choose TLC Film Productions?”
– We are a young husband and wife team who knows first hand how exciting and overwhelming planning your big day can be. When you book with TLC film productions we strive to be more than just your cinematographers, we want to be with you every step of the way to make your planning a smooth process. We also aim to stay on top of things, therefore we love to keep up with what is new and trendy which helps with providing the ultimate movie for our brides and grooms.


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