TLC was born in 2010 when I (Tina) graduated from Everest University with my AS degree in Film & Video. Ever since I could remember I always loved having a camera in my hand. I felt like I was born to capture the perfect moments on camera. Every vacation we went on dad was always handing me the camera, which is why after graduating high school I already knew what my career was going to be!! Didn’t think weddings at first until after college when all of my friends were getting married, I then knew exactly what I wanted to do!! I wanted to capture the perfect memories and make them last a lifetime!


Chris is the creative force that drives TLC. As lead shooter and the sole editor, he is the one creating all of the beautiful works of art on display. Chris’s biggest pet peeve; cookie-cutter wedding films. “The reason I love what I do so much; I get to meet new people and hear their amazing stories all in one day, then I get to make badass films about it! Let’s be real; all weddings are pretty much the same; we get all dressed up pretty, there’s a ceremony, there’s some food and then we all party…can you imagine if I had that same approach with making a wedding film?! YUCK!! Our films are anything but cookie cutter; we take that extra step approach at actually telling your truly amazing story.”


Kyle has been with TLC since 2015. He has played an integral role as second shooter over the years but our business would not be where we are today without Kyle. Back in 2016 Chris and Tina had their first child, in which Tina needed to slowly start taking a step back from weddings. Kyle stepped in with seamless transition and made it his full time gig. He is a huge foodie and considers himself a professional wedding food connoisseur.

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