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Elisha H. – Tina and Chris are a dynamic duo who obviously love what they do! Even being 7 months pregnant, Tina was there to support my big day and her husband worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get the best footage – all while staying out of the photographers way. I originally had not considered videography, but at my now husband’s suggestion, and my photographer’s referral, I met with TLC. I was immediately impressed by their professionalism and openness and knew I wanted to work with them. I have yet to see the final product but I know it will be perfect and I will watch it every year on my anniversary for the rest of my life

Rachel M. – TLC did a PHENOMENAL job with my husband and I from start to finish with our videography. They were able to capture perfect candid moments with Jesse and I while we weren’t paying attention and truly make me cry with how amazing their work is. The day of the wedding they made sure all of the angles we requested would look wonderful for our video and although we have only seen our trailer up to this point, I HAVE WATCHED IT EVERY DAY SINCE!! It is INCREDIBLE and I cannot even imagine what our full length video will look like. Also, Chris and Tina created our love story video that was filmed during engagement photos that all of our wedding guests absolutely LOVED. I highly recommend working with Chris and Tina for your wedding video and I am SO happy we did and now I can relive that day whenever we want! smile emoticon

Robin – As the mother of the bride, I just had the privilege of viewing the trailer to my daughters wedding this past weekend. OMG!! Absolutely beautiful and to think it is only a small part of what is yet to come. Tina & Chris are a husband and wife team that handled themselves very professionally during the duration of the day. The music you choose as well is perfect that goes with the video. I can’t thank you both enough for capturing such beautiful moments of my daughters wedding to have for a lifetime. I would highly recommend you to our family & friends!

Private – The product TLC produced for us was more than we could ever imagined. My husband and I joke now because we were not aware that they were even around video-ing us.. which is not true because the footage is amazing. It’s such a wonderful thing to have all your vendors in sync and not in each other’s way. They were so upbeat and definitely know what couples are looking for in a wedding video. Definitely recommend!!!

Lauren H. – TLC Film Productions is hands down THE best videographers to work with and their quality of work is extraordinary. Their eye for filming things is so unique and modern, it’s incredible the amount of time, effort and skill is put into these videos. Their work alone speaks for itself, but then you add a great team/couple behind that and you have an unstoppable company. I fell in love with the husband and wife team, Chris and Tina. Even after the wedding was all said and done, I am still in contact with Tina and she is becoming a great friend of mine. These two work together as a team to capture the best moments and memories of your special day and put it all together to create a beautiful masterpiece. You can tell they love what they do because they work SO hard to make your video beyond what you could ever expect. I purchased a package that had 6 hours of filming, a 3 minute trailer, and a 90 minute video with both Chris and Tina to capture our wedding day. We met with them 3 times before the wedding to make sure we were all on the same page. They were at our venue early and ready to work. Tina made me laugh through the stressful times of getting ready and stuck by my side capturing the intricate moments that only a professional could capture. They stayed longer than paid because they wanted to make sure they filmed everything that we had agreed upon. They put a trailer of our wedding together within 24 hours of filming so that we could see it before going on our honeymoon. They are truly amazing people that have your happiness at heart. I will recommend this company, this couple, this team, to anyone I meet. Worth every penny and I look forward to working with them again. I love them and their vision for greatness! Thank you Chris and Tina!!!!

Olivia S. –Amazing!! Truly amazing!! My husband and I loved working with Chris and Tina on our videography for our wedding. They were wonderful to work with and their work is amazing. Our wedding trailer is constantly watched by so many family members everyday. Thank you so much for everything!!

Nicole R. – This was by the far the best investment we made on our whole entire wedding!!! Tina and Chris are fabulous and helpful and caring!!!! I cried watching my trailer it was sooooo amazing!!!

Davine V. – Chris and Tina were so easy to work with and I really enjoyed working with them. I was planning my wedding from MD, and they made the long distance planning less stressful. The love story they did for my husband and I was amazing, and I can’t even put in words how much we loved the wedding trailer. We received sooooo many comments from our friends and family. I would recommend TLC to anyone who wants videography for their wedding day. Thank you so much TLC!

Kala Q. – TLC is the absolute best, there’s nothing better than knowing every special moment is captured & able to review for many years to come. Tina & Chris are not only just great cinematographers but really great people. They truly care about their clients and the service they provide. I will be forever grateful. I have seen them in action for 2 years & so impressed. Impressed to the point where my husband and I moved in with family just so we can have tlc capture our big day. No regrets, TLC captured our fairytale with perfection….I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone for any event!

Christopher & Lorena P. – ABSOLUTELY, hands down Best decision in choosing them as my videographer for my wedding!!! They are an extremely talented team that will just WOW you with their work. They are easy going, really easy people to talk to and they make you feel like you’ve been friends for a while. I highly recommend all brides to choose TLC film productions!

Courtney S. – I’m truly honored to be part of the TLC Family! Our video is a gift that we will cherish forever. Thank you Chris & Tina – we are so lucky to have found you and can’t thank you enough for capturing all of these moments for us to remember and celebrate always! So much of what you caught I did not see personally so seeing even our sneak peak meant the world to me. Such a tribute to our day!

Marc E. – As a photographer I can comfortably say working with Chris and Tina was fantastic. I felt the dynamic between our teams of photography and videography were respectful of each others creative process, which is great! More importantly this helps give the client the absolute best environment to be themselves, enjoy their day and ultimately provides them with an authentic experience to remember their wedding by. Thank you for your talent and for your dedication to our client.

Dana D – TLC is the best! They are so caring and they go above and beyond all expectations. Their work is magical and I just love love loved every second of working with them for our wedding day!! We love you guys!! Xoxo

Lauren M. – “I wish I could’ve added a six star! Tina and Chris are absolutely wonderful, and that’s to say the very least! These two not only have a passion that shines through their work but also have probably the best professional attitude around when it comes to photographers and videographers! On top of making the dreams of my husband and myself come true for our wedding day, we have found a new friendship in Tina and Chris that most don’t get with any of their wedding professionals! The love they have for each other helps to make the live they have for their business shine even brighter! They know what you’ll need or want before you even have to ask! Tin was always their if I need to ask her any questions and was always accepting of any photography ideas my husband and I may have had. Their hearts are so open with love for what they do and who they work with it just amazed us. Not only do my husband and I keep talking about how much more fun and perfect they made our day, but our wedding party has been complimenting them ever since! Tina and Chris were welcomed into our big crazy family alongside all of our guests on our wedding day and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer/videographer team to add to the family! 🙂 I could go on about how amazing they were but I challenge every bride and groom out there to find this out for themselves because when you do you will get to know two of the sweetest people in the business. And maybe you can make a memory with them like I did that I never expected to make with my wedding photographer and videographer. We didn’t know Tina and Chris before our wedding but now after the memories we’ve made with them we are so thankful to have crossed paths with them. I’m not sure what I did to deserve such blessings it when you and your weddinb photographer start to tear up together on your big day you know you’ve created something special. And that something special could only come from Tina and Chris at TLC Film Productions. We love you guys! And are so thankful for all you have done for us and even more so to have some new friends like you! -sincerely,
The New Mr. and Mrs. Mertens! :)”

Keaton M. – “Huge Thanks to Chris and Tina who made our wedding day so enjoyable. Super professional and experienced. The thing that struck me the most was how genuine the two of them were. You could tell they whole heartedly cared how the video and wedding overall came out. One of the best decisions we made for our wedding. Such great people!”

Akira M
–  “TLC Film Productions My wife KyAlea and I LOVE this company. Both Chris and Tina bring a genuine passion for their work and capture memorable moments whether it be photography or cinematography. They provide both services and give you the options of using one or the other. One of the best parts of working Chris and Tina was getting the opportunity to meet with them. They are not only a useful source of wedding planning information, but they are always coming up with ideas to further enhance the whole wedding experience. In addition, my wife and I were uncertain of a itinerary for the big day. Chris and Tina were ready with samples and added additional tips to help us prepare. Its through our meetings with them that they got to know us more and more and allowed them to fully bring our wedding trailer to life. They have a keen eye for capturing moments of JOY. In addition, the cinematography is epic in style. From the wedding trailer samples we were provided, we could instantly tell TLC has a real talent for making the wedding trailer viewings and experience. Its important to note, these wedding trailers are fully customizable from selecting your favorite songs to providing input on what you want to be the focus in what they present. For us, we wanted the build up of the first time I saw my wife and the joy of the reception and festivities. Another thing I must say about TLC, is they LOVE what they do and fully understand the weight of the big day on their clients. For example, my wife and I just finished with the ceremony and the photographs, and just when we were about to get pulled for more photos with other vendors, Tina was right there to make sure to tell my bride she NEEDED to eat first and got some food. Its the little things like that which makes me conclude this review with there are some things money can’t buy. TLC is a blessing to any one who chooses them to capture their BIG BIG day.”

Annette C– “Working with Tina and Chris and TLC productions was the best wedding day decision we made! We had an amazing day and TLC provided and excellent and fabulous video! They bring our wedding day back to life each time we watch their hollywood quality product. The seamlessly edited trailer was finished in only a few short days! All of our family and friends are raving about the video and quality. They are also excellent at communication prior to the day and they take the time to personalize the process. I spent a lot of time researching and looking for a good videographer. Chris and Tina are by far the best!! Please do yourself a favor and contact them for your special day their videos and service are priceless.”

Rashad H– “Excellent is not a good enough word to describe the job that they done. From the first time I met them at the bridal show, Tina and Chris have been amazing. They went above and beyond what we asked to asked them to do at the wedding. Chris is so full of energy, and Tina is such a comforter..I have to say this was a match made in heaven….TLC and The Hickman! If you are going to have a wedding or anything else that requires video/photography, I would say, TLC IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!”

Holly F– “Tina and Chris…they are AMAZING! They are the most personable people to work with and are so caring and feel the same way you do about capturing your big day. It was truly amazing to meet with them and then see them work! What a great team! I am so thrilled at our trailer video and cant wait to see the final product! They are so talented and I feel like they are great friends. Super professional and never missed a beat working with our other vendors, especially the photographer. I cannot wait to relive my wedding day!!!!”

Susana M– “There is not a word to describe Tina and Chris and TLC Film Productions. Since the very first meeting with them they made me feel so comfortable and gave me the reassurance that the once in a lifetime moments would be captured. They were there with me through every step of planning my wedding and on the day of Chris and Tina made sure everything ran smoothly. They went above and beyond what any bride could ever ask or dream of. Their professionalism is amazing and the way they capture the moment is a true gift. They made my wedding video and pictures bring me back to that day! The passion for what they do really shows in their work and effort. After my wedding Tina and Chris stayed in contact with me letting me know the progress of my pictures and video (which every bride wants) so that I wouldn’t be inpatient. Words could never express my level of appreciation for them and their gift. Thank you so much for all you guys have done!!!!”

Heather K– “My husband and I are speechless when it come to TLC. They are beyond professional. They made us both feel so comfortable. I couldn’t imagine having our special day without them. They helped us capture a huge milestone in our new adventure together. I can’t wait to use them in the future!”


Stephanie S — “TLC Film Productions offers innovative and creative ways to re-live your favorite memories! Tina & Chris are so dedicated to producing the best possible footage (both video & photo) that will take you back to that exact moment. As a Wedding Planner…I could not ask for a better team to work with!”

Mina M-“Tina and Chris are so amazing to work with. They make getting your picture taken so much fun! They are super helpful! I will for sure be using them again in the future! Thank you guys for making our wonderful engagement photos! Cant wait to see what kind of magic you will go with the wedding photos!!!!”

Nicole G– “Amazing photographers! Chris and Tina compliment each other so well they made our entire appointment a great experience. Smiles came naturally since we were laughing most of the time. And they are full of compliments, which who doesn’t love? 😉 They had tons of cute posing ideas and they triple checked i got exactly what i wanted by the end of the appointment. Not to mention the fact that I rescheduled like 4 times and one of the times they were already an hour into their drive to coming to our shoot when I canceled, and they were never anything but understanding and wonderful. My engagement pictures turned out absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to see how our sunset November lake wedding turns out! Bet the pictures will be incredible!”

Stephen C– I would just like to take a moment to say that TLC Film Productions was and is the most professional photo/video company I have ever associated with. I was very impressed by the sincere attention to detail the Hochard’s put into every aspect of their work.  I know that I may be a bit impatient at times but Tina and Chris were on their game in keeping me in check and keeping it fun and exciting! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a photography company who truly loves what they do! Believe me you wont regret it!!!”

Kerri Lynn F — “TLC Film Productions is outstanding! Chris and Tina will work with you and they want what is best for you! Getting married is a BIG deal and they will do anything they can to make your day special. Not only do they want your wedding day to be special but all the days leading up to that as well. They have consistently been there for me with all my crazy questions and stressful moments. They are very down to earth and will listen and be there for you! I am getting married in just 2 months and I know they will make this day amazing for us. I would recommend them to everyone!!”

Lauren C — “I couldn’t be happier with TLC Productions. They make you feel comfortable and bring your ideas to life through the photos and videos they take. Their work is fantastic ! Tina and Chris made sure to take the time and figure out exactly what we wanted in our photos. They are very helpful and professional.”


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